Web Portal Development

Developing a web portal for your business could help it grow by major leaps and bounds. Creating an online presence requires a range of different development services and creation of apps and portals, which are integrated in the overall design.

The Importance of Web Portals
The creation of a proper website just acts as a means to the entrance within a business' range of services and offers, while the creation of a web portal is more important to the overall online setup of the business. The web portal of a business is a web site that is used to bring together information from a range of different sources and then provide them to the visitors of the page in a one, single, unified manner. 

For example, if your business provides online search engine optimization services, the web portal of your business would be a web page that provides links to all of the services that are being offered by your business, as well as information regarding the company and the services that it is providing.

Web Portals & Your Business
This web portal will provide customers with a proper platform from where they can gain information regarding all of the services that are being provided by a business. The links that are being displayed on the page, are known as port lets. A well developed web portal will provide each of the sources of information in a dedicated area on the page which can be used for displaying information regarding the source.

Also, the user has the ability to configure which of the services that they want displayed upon the portal. The staple feature of web portals is the provision of search engine feature services, but they also offer a range of other services. These include email services, news and stock price information as well as entertainment and database options.

Our Services
For your business, First Digital can design the ultimate web portal. With our experience, expertise and unrivalled dedication, we are sure of providing the maximum amount of control to the user. With over 14 years of web development experience we are confidnet in our abilities to develop the best possible web portal for your business. A web portal could be the next big step for your business, and we can help your business take it!

Common web portals that are being used by thousands of people across the globe include Yahoo!, MSN, iGoogle, AOL and Excite. For a business, developing a web portal could result in an influx of users. However, managing a web portal is by no means an easy task.

It requires great control, proper presentation of features and adequate management of the portal. However, our skilled staff has more than enough knowledge, experience and talent to develop an extremely powerful web portal for your business, and provide users with a great option of getting top notch services. Our services have the ability to take your business to its maximum potential if not exceed what you thought would have been possible.

How First Digital Can Help
Depending upon the type of web portal that your business wants built, the services might vary considerably. For example, not every business wants to put information and entertainment features on their web portal, and most just prefer the inclusion of services and news that are related to their business only.

With First Digital, we can design a web portal that provides dedicated email services. Your users will be treated to a great welcome page that includes information and knowledge regarding your firm, as well as provide access to the email client.

First Digital can also create a mobile version of the web portal, catering to the vast demand of smart phone apps and portals. Your clients will be able to access their mail and get all the latest news from your online web portal through their smart phone, with a perfectly designed mobile portal making it easy for them to make use of all the features.