E-Commerce Website Development

Today's consumer is more intelligent than ever. Because of this, eCommerce is more popular now than at any other time in history. Because brick and mortar storefronts are all but obsolete, the eCommerce experience needs to be exhilarating, trustworthy and economical for the consumer.

For the business owner, the website needs to be a true extension of their business and somehow manage to give their customers the same experience that they would get if they walked through the front doors of the live store.

Selling products or services online may seem easy, but there has to be something unique about the website that draws the customer in time and time again. Realistically, there will be dozens of websites that are offering similar pricing so there must be a reason for them to bookmark your site and come back every single time that they need something within your niche. That “reason” is what First Digital works together with the business owner to create.

In our age, eCommerce offers many attributes that a brick and mortar store cannot and today's successful business owner would want to take advantage of every one of them. Here are the main benefits of having an ecommerce site.

24/7 Business Outlet
The one reason that websites are so vital to the success of any business these days is that they never close. This offers true convenience for the consumer as they can shop at their convenience versus the traditional “9-5” hours of most stores. Customers have the option to shop at their own convenience and also allows them to buy what they would like whenever they're ready for it, whether it's during traditional hours of the day or in the late hours of the night.

Worldwide Customer Base
There is not a corner of the earth that your website will not cover. Instead of being focused on one city or one state, your client base is worldwide. That being the case, it needs to appeal to people of all types and not use a focus that is only particular to one culture or one area of the world. Having a wider audience means you need a broader business perspective. Putting in a little extra effort for expanding your target audience and your market will reap a lot of benefits in the end.

Lower Overhead Costs
This is probably one of the best assets of having a website, even if you already own a brick and mortar store. A website adds income without adding costs. We all know expansion costs can sometimes take years to recover, not only because of construction, but also because of the added labor. Your website will pay for itself in as little as a month and from that point forward every penny is pure profit.

Increased Customer Service
Customer service is about more than just answering a question, it is about being able to deliver whatever the customer needs, when they need it. A website is an integral part of this as they can give information on any product at any time. Enhancements such as “call me now” or “live chat” give the customer the live shopping experience without ever leaving their home. It's also much easier to provide great customer service through a website as there is more technology available to help you reach customers faster and keep track of their needs.

How First Digital Can Help
For the business owner, the website must also be convenient and effective. You should be able to edit, delete, add products, change prices and control inventory with little to no effort. In addition, the site needs to offer secure transactions that are easy for your customers to complete. Each and every aspect of the website must come together seamlessly to create the perfect shopping experience for both the owner and customer.

The only way to pull all of this together is to listen to the needs of the owner and create a website that is specific to their business. If you have a brick and mortar store, your online store should be a reflection of that business that will not only invite new customers, but also give the feeling of ease that regular customers have come to expect the moment that they walk into your store.

In order to achieve this, we look at our relationships with our clients as a partnership rather than a transaction. In essence, our success is directly related to your businesses success. Our websites reflect this partnership and the result in an online presence that is second to none.