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Social Media Website Designs

It's hard to find someone who isn't using social media in some way, or at the very least isn't aware of its existence. Companies are becoming wise to this and are starting to utilize social media tools to build their brand, or bring in new customers. If your company does not use any form of social media, it may be time to look into getting your business out there.

Social media, once called a fad, has become the norm and is going to be with us for some time. A large number of companies already have an online presence, and are taking advantage of the benefits that social media can bring. Here are a number of things you can do to get your social media adventures underway.

Be Clear on Social Media
It's important that before you start looking into the different forms of social media that are out there, you are clear on what social media is, and what isn't. Social media is a way to meet people, and share content and ideas with them. For companies it's a form of non-traditional marketing - think of it as soft marketing - it's not meant to be the place where you flaunt your products, rather a place to develop interest in your company, so people will want to do business with you. By using social media you can show people who your company is, and connect with them on a more personal level. If you are clear on what social media is from the beginning, there's a higher chance that you'll be successful when you develop your online presence.

Custom SocialEngine Template Design
This service includes working with our graphic designers and project manager to produce a custom layout of the home page or a pre-designed template. Either way you choose to go, we'll integrate the template into SocialEngine.

Our graphic designer will produce the necessary mockups, you will have unlimited revisions to get the design exactly the way you want it. All our coding is done in XHMTL which has a modern SEO structure and appearance. It also enables us to do lots of neat things, and it's much more modular.

  • Logo
    First if you don't have a logo we start out with the design of your logo. We will discuss color options and let you use an online color tool from Adobe to choose color combination's. Once a logo is completed and approved we send you a zip file of the logo sources and fonts that can be used in printing and in popular graphic software applications like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel Draw and of course PDF and EPS for printers.
  • Site Layout
    After the logo is complete we move to the site layout, for best results its recommended to show us a similar style site that you like, colors and structure aren't really important as our graphic designer will be custom producing your sites layout from scratch but it's good to give him an idea of what you're looking for this will speed up the process and lead him or her in the right direction of producing something that you find attractive.
  • Coding
    Once the site layout is complete we send it to our XHTML coding department where they will take the mockup of the home page and inner pages. If you selected a pre-designed layout package then we'll convert these to XHTML code which is structured for SocialEngine.
  • Integration
    Once the XHTML coding is complete we integrate this coding into a SocialEngine template, install it into the site and setup site structure and carry out bug testing and fine tuning. This portion of the SocialEngine development takes anywhere from 3 -5 days to complete. This portion completes the SocialEngine web site design unless you require additional SocialEngine development services at which point it would commence.
  • Complete
    Once the project is complete and if you are hosting with us we'll set up hosting on our server for you and provide you with login details for the hosting account and the SocialEngine administration backend. From there you can begin to add your content and so forth..

Time to Get Social
When you feel you know what direction you will take, it's time to start developing your online profiles. It can be tough to decide which social media tools to utilize. Unfortunately there is no right answer. Most small businesses follow the crowd, and this means having pages on Facebook and Linkedin. This does not mean that you should join these networks simply because they have the most users. It is recommended that you follow what similar businesses or direct competitors are doing. If they are on one service but not another, do the same to begin with, but be on the lookout for new social media sites, or features being added to existing sites.

One Thing to Not Forget
There is one really important thing we can share with businesses thinking of pursuing social media: it isn't a turnkey operation. You can't just, “set it and forget it.” To be successful, you need to be active by posting updates, news, and above all interacting with the people who reach out to you. After all, they are your customers. If you do establish your social presence but forget to keep it up to date, you will be the company that's forgotten.

What First Digital Can Do For You
We build Social Networking sites the right way. Don't let an inexperienced developer with your site for quality concerns, hiring a inexperienced developer is the worst thing you can do for your Joomla website. You need a Joomla expert and most developers focus on too many different platforms to be an expert and too many web development firms hire individuals which claim to have Joomla experience but in most cases it's just limited experience. There prices are higher because they are learning. Our prices are lower because we are fast and highly experienced with Joomla. Not to mention you just get a better overall quality of service as things are done correctly and efficiently