Upgrades & Migration Services

Most of the IT development companies think that migration is very simple and has very low impact on a web site or an application development project. Well, of course. Migration is just a part of a web site development project, but that part is the root of the entire project. If migration fails in a project, then the entire project will collapse.

Every firm has to be very much careful in the area of migration of the data from the older server to the new server. But, migration part of a project is the shortest period and the resources used for migration will be left unused once migration is done. That is where upgrades and migration staffing services comes in to action.

We add resources those who can perform migration and upgrades and have extensive experience in those fields to your team. Thus, you get quality resources in order to get your migration and upgrade works to be done at a very low cost. And the most important point in this service is, you do not need to pay those resources when they are not utilized.

Scenario in Which Upgrades and Migration Staffing is Useful
Most of the times, the client needs people who can effectively migrate data from the client's server to the new server. And when the data migration is complete, they do not need to pay the resource they recruited for migration.

In such cases, we are there for them to provide resources who have extensive experience in migrating contents. Where we
are different from our competitors is, we provide resources that can do migration in the right way, quickly on time, and also on budget. Once your migration is done, we will take our resources back so that you can focus on the remaining part of the project.

How We Work
We have different models that we have developed over the years for the purpose of providing technical staffing services for our valuable clients. When any one of our clients has a staffing requirement, then we will work with them in order to find a particular way that would fit for them to make it work.

Not every client has the same requirement and the environment in which every client works is different.
With our extensive experience we're aware of the proper way to adjust so we can get the job done on time and on budget.

Our policies will help in such cases in order to build different models for different clients and provide each of them a unique solution. At the time of working with us, you get not only really high quality resources for your project, but you really get them at a bargained price and at a very low cost.

Benefits of Choosing Us
There are a lot of companies that do technical staffing services in the market. But then how are we differentiated from them and why should you choose us if in case you are in a need of a resource for migrating your content?

The reasons are given below:

  • Being a consulting company, we understand migration more than the other normal staffing companies.
  • We have done ample numbers of migration and upgrade projects, which will help us to match the exact resource you need for your project.
  • With the network of people we have, we can find you the resources you need within a very shorter time span of 24 to 48 hours.
  • We have access to millions of resources in our internal database that most of the other companies do not have.
  • Whatever the skill set you require for your project, we can find a best match for you with our extended network of people.
  • We can provide resources all around the globe so that you location is not at all a problem for your requirement.

With over 14 years of experience, First Digital has more than the necessary experience to provide top notch upgrade and migration services. We've helped many different clients with their upgrade and migration campaigns and we've made our clients very happy with the results they've received from us. Hire us today and see how we can make your upgrade or migration project go faster and easier than you could have ever thought possible.