IT Direct Placement Services

It is a well known fact that all the organizations need quality resources to excel and to find the quality and dedicated resources is the most tedious process. Nowadays, people with CVs are abundant in every technical area and the burden of choosing the best out of it falls with the software companies.

Job portals, referral programs, social networking sites, advertisement, and so on came in order to eliminate the burden of IT companies in finding the best fit for their firm. But, this process will take a lot of time and you can never depend on them when you already got a project in your hands. 

This is where we come in to action. Our firm understands the problem of all IT firms with respect to staffing and we provide the technical staffing services for all our clients. Since because we are also good in technology, we know what you need and we can serve you better. As we are also doing technical consulting, no one can understand your technical requirements better than us.

Our Engagement Model
To be successful in anything, you have to follow a process. We do follow an engagement model in order to find a best match for your technical requirements.

Here is a breakdown of our engagement model:

    • Once you send your requirement, our experienced recruitment managers will analyze your requirements
    • Then based on your requirements, your request will be allocated to a particular sourcing lead who constantly contacts with the resources
    • Our team filters 5 resumes from our contacts as well as from external environment searching that best fit your requirements
    • We assess the stability of each resource by conducting multiple screening using different screening parameters and techniques.
    • We then get the necessary details from the prescreened resources and then send it as a bundle to you.

  1. Differentiators

    Even though there are many companies that are providing the same services, we are different from them. The following are the key factors that differentiate us from our competitors those who provide the same services.

What makes us unique from our competitors:

  • We are good in technical services consulting which makes it easy for us to understand all your requirements related to various technologies.
  • We use automated tools in order to manage and monitor tasks.
  • We have lot of experience in working with companies that fall under Tier 1 category, which makes it easy for us to understand the expectations of IT firms
  • Quality resources delivered well before the deadline given by client.
  • We provide support from various locations.

Reasons to Choose Us
We are doing the same technical staffing services that are done by our competitors. But, we do have a lot of reasons to be chosen as a staffing service provider. We are not just a technical staffing company. A lot of companies that does technical staffing services, they do only technical staffing.

They do not necessarily understand the IT behind the technical staffing services. They act as only a matchmaker that matches the client's requirements with the resources they have. They fall short in additional information that has to be considered while staffing. We do tech staffing and we are good at it.

Other than IT staffing, we also understand IT business management and IT business consulting. Since we are doing technical consulting services, and we are doing technical staffing services, we are able to understand the mixture of both and we could provide quality resources both with respect to human resources as well as in the technical stand point.

If IT direct placement is your requirement, then we are the best match for providing such service for you at a low cost and at the same time maintaining the maximum possible quality.