Contract-to-Hire Solutions

Most of the people nowadays are very good at the time of interview and they do not excel when they are given a chance to work in a project. Most of the IT organizations recruit people by the way they respond in the interviews and they struggle to get work done by them when they are working.

So, the best way for them to recruit people is to try a particular resource for a specific period of time and then making them as a permanent staff if and only if they have proven themselves efficient. But is this possible practically?

Yes, this is absolutely practical and possible with our contract to hire staffing solutions. With this service, you can hire an individual from us for a stipulated period of 3 to 6 months. You can review their work in this period of contract and then you can take your decision of whether to hire them full time or not. This lets you reduce the risks that you take at the time of recruiting people.

Contract to Hire Working Model
If you do not want to take the risk of trusting a person by the way they show themselves in the interview, you can test their real skills at the time of they working with you in a contract basis. At the time of contract, they will work for you without being legally termed as your employee.

They will be added to your payroll only if you hire them as a fulltime employee after becoming satisfied with the quality of their work. And if you are not satisfied with the performance of a contracted employee, then you can very well terminate the contract once you are done.

Why Contract to Hire
Contract to hire is a emerging staffing technique that is being adopted by major software development companies recently. Here is why.

  • By contract to hire staffing method, both the employee and the employer will get benefitted. The employee understands his core competencies and the employer understands the employee.
  • You need not provide training for different technologies and waste your time. Rather you can directly jump in to new technologies.
  • Your existing employees can get exposure to a new technology with the help of the resource you have hired on this service.
  • You can get rid of the concepts of bonuses and performance appraisals with the help of contract to hire
  • You can expand your network in all technical field of area.

Benefits of hiring with us

There are a lot of benefits when you hire the resources you need through our contract to hire staffing services. Some of the important benefits are mentioned below for your reference.

Technology - As we are also a web development firm and do other application development also, we can understand all the problems that are faced by the typical IT consultancies
. We have insider knowledge of the field and understand the difference between a good IT employee and a great one. We also have knowledge of what employers are looking for in terms of hiring an IT professional and we're able to match our clients with skilled employees that will be a good fit for the employer as well.

- Our contract to hire option allows you to hire our resources even before the contract is over. It also allows you to extend your contract period to few more months in case you require more time or you're unsure about the employee yet. Therefore, we provide maximum flexibility over the services we provide

No hidden charges - All the rates we have mentioned is inclusive of everything
. During the initial consultation you will know how much we charge for our services and you can rest assured that we do not ask for additional fees.

Quality - We provide resources at a very low cost to sustain competition, yet we provide high quality resources. We do this by utilizing our experience to make accurate discernments and find great fits everytime.

- We have a wide network of relationship which lets us to have resources in all technology areas. We are not like the other staffing companies that have only a few resources in their bench By choosing us, you not only get really high quality people, but you also get them at a very low price.