Custom Software Development

Creating custom software is often a challenge for many developers. Knowing what our customers require, translating that in to an actual user interface and then making sure that it actually works is a difficult challenge indeed. However, at First Digital, we have the resources, ability and confidence that are required to create custom software for our clients.  

With 14+ years of experience in the IT field we have more than enough experience to back up the confidence we have in our abilities. We've encountered many different clients along with very different and specific needs for each. Having accumulated such an extensive amount of experience helps us understand what your project needs are and how we can provide you with the best possible customer service.

Our Services

After the concept is clear, we will put our technological skills to the test and build a basic platform. Our smart project management allows us to easily utilize our resources in the best possible way in order to come up with a customized solution for our client's needs.

At First Digital, we understand that time is money, and that is why each and every one of our processes is transparent, delivered on time and within the budget allotted to us. Also we provide reasonable timeframes not only for us to complete the project while providing high quality services, but also so we don't exceed your budget.

First Digital's Guarantee of Quality Assurance
In order to make sure that minimal costs are incurred in the development of the software and to ensure top notch results, we choose the most well balanced team for working on a certain task, and make sure that they understand the goals and requirements of the task. Our developers are frequent in all of the top programming languages such as C++, Java, and C #, Visual Basic and Coda / Objective C in order to ensure that the software solution is flexible and easy to use by our clients.

The software program that we design is approved only after a thorough series of tests have been conducted on it, in order to ensure that it works properly and provides top notch functionality in all regards.

We provide quality assurance and focus on vital elements such as project communication, change management, risk management, competence transfer, requirements management and reporting and intermediate deliveries in order to make the creation of the software solution a seamless and easy task for us as well as the clients.

If you have a pre developed platform and want to customize it smartly, we can do it for you. Our developers can port a software program from one platform to another, or we can start from scratch and build a top notch software program for our clients that are worth the money they pay for.

What First Digital Can Do For You

Our professional, highly talented staff is more than capable of creating any kind of software that you might need. We know that there are a number of different kinds of ideas that are lodged in any business entrepreneur's head. However due to the lack of resources, they are often unable to see these ideas turn into reality.

At First Digital, however, we will let you tap in to our resources in order to create a software program that works like a charm and provides all of the services that you might need. If you're unsure of what features are available or what features you would like your software to have, we can also consult with you beforehand to make sure you have all the features you could want or need.

With a vast amount of experience under our belt in custom software development, our expertise allows us to make use of some of the top open source as well as proprietary technological improvements in order to start work and finalize some of the most complex and difficult projects, in order to satisfy the requirements of the customer and to meet their expectations.

At First Digital, the client's vision becomes our vision, and we strive to provide what our clients require from us. All you have to do is tell what you need, how would like it to look like, and how you would expect it to run. We also keep in mind the idea of business growth in our heads during development, so whatever software program that we develop for our clients will be built upon a scalable basis that can be expanded and modified in the future.