Project Management Consulting Services

Project Management is known as the art and science of organizing and managing IT projects. The project can be about anything. It can be related to developing a new product, launching any service, planning a marketing campaign or even organizing a wedding. Project management is typically not something that all the businesses do frequently. The project management needs of each business varies as well according to the goals and budget they have set aside for attaining those goals. 

In other worlds, project managment is not a part of common business operations. A project is typically started in order to obtain a special goal that needs specific resources in order to be accomplished. Project management is only required by a business at specific times when it becomes necessary. Project managment in itself is a vast field in IT. It cannot be managed alone by a business alongside its other business operations. We understand that at any time a business could be handling several projects due at coinciding times.

There are many reasons why there is a dire need to monitor these ongoing projects. It isn't as difficult to win a project as it is to complete it. If your business is in need of Project Management services, then you can count on us. At First Digital have extensive experience in this field and can provide adept project managment services to handle your projects while you can focus on other aspects of running your business.

We specialize in the following subcategories of Project Management:

  • Agile development
  • SDLC (Software Development Life cycles)
  • PMP Certified Professional Managment

Agile development services
Our Agile development services are all about developing new business solutions and commercial grade apps that can manage your projects well and help your business reach its full potential.

  • We manage the stalled development initiatives
  • We reduce the costs of owning the legacy system, by upgrading the application platform
  • We Provide on-site professional evaluation of the apps, technologies and other processes

SDLC solutions
We are expert in offering the SDLC solutions to small and medium enterprise at a reasonable cost. We are well familiar with developing, implementing and maintaining the application software and can use our experience to help your business with its SDLC projects.

Our key services include:

  • Program and performance Management
  • Application Development
  • Application Testing
  • Application Modernization
  • Portals and Content Management

More about us
What's in us that differs from the rest? Manaing the IT Projects isn't an easy task. Here are the reasons:

  • We are PMP (Project Management Professionals) with 14+ years of experience
  • We know the ins and outs of project management
  • We have the right amount of knowledge and resources to develop, organize and manage projects

Each step in the field is quite crucial. Sometimes, many critical errors come between the whole project that hinders the projects from being completed on time and on budget. As certified professionals, we can take care of all your issues with our expertise. Our services are all what you will need for managing your projects. We complete the assigned projects on the given deadline and we are quite strict about completing it on time and on budget.

Our seriousness and ability to get the job done is what's appreciated by many of our customers.Our professional Project Management applications are intuitive, user-friendly and easy to use, providing the most basic and advanced level of services for easily handling complex projects.Our customer support services is unparalleled. We are always ready to provide the most precise solutions to our clients in a way that can be easily understood. The quality of our work speaks for itself. One more thing that differentiates us from other companies is the fact that we offer our expertise at reasonable prices.