ITIL Business Service Management

Do you ever feel like your organization can and should provide IT services faster, better and at the lowest operating cost possible, but don't know where to begin? Or maybe your organization has gotten to the point and place where they have simply learned how to tolerate downtime, constant workarounds, and broken processes? If this sounds like your organization, then it's time to give your business a boost with ITIL.

What is ITIL and what can it do for my business, you may ask?
ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) provides a good framework or set of principles and standards for reducing IT costs and streamlining the processes of managing your technology infrastructure. ITIL and other formalized frameworks can help provide a baseline on the requirements, inputs, and outputs required to perform a function or supply a deliverable.

But, can you do without ITIL?
The short answer, Yes. But, then again - why would you want to? In today's IT driven economy, no business should undermine the importance of sound IT management - if you want to stay competitive, then integrating technology, people and processes is not something that you can afford take lightly.

So, do you really have effective IT processes?
Now, that's a good guestion that every organization should try to answer for themselves on a ongoing basis. And, that's where First Digital comes in. We'll work with your organization, evaluate the way it does business and then ultimately help put in place the process, procedures and tools to help your business be as efficient and lean as possible.

Understanding Your Business Capability vs. Process
An important element of capability is the concept of process. Processes tell you how work should be done, where inputs come from and outputs go to, what results should look like and how they should be measured and evaluated, how efficient and effective the process is, and how it should be evaluated and improved. Capabilities bring in the dimensions of people and technology that use processes to get work done.

Some capabilities (typically those whose primary value proposition is Operational Excellence) require rigorous and robust process definitions. For example, this is the primary domain for frameworks such as ITIL and COBIT. Other capabilities, where the value proposition is “customer intimacy” or “innovation” have a far higher “human content” requiring special competencies and judgment.

In these cases, processes may be less rigorously defined, but they are still important, even if only in the form of a checklist for the major steps, entry and exit criteria, and examples of the deliverables they create or outcomes to which they are intended to lead.

This distinction between capability and process is important for many reasons. We sometimes find ourselves in discussion with clients along the following lines. We have assessed that your (fill in the blank) capability is low - not in place or only partially in place. Which usually garners the following client response: “That's wrong - we have processes and documentation to do (fill in the blank) - it's fully in place, or at least mostly in place!”

To which we respond: “You might think you have a process, but the people who's role it is to deliver the capability associated with that process either don't know about it, or are ignoring it - the net result is, you don't have the capability maturity you need for (fill in the blank)!”

Why Hire First Digital?
Our approach is simple and straightforward. By using the ITIL framework, we assist organizations in identifying the vital components of successful change, which in turn ensures higher growth rates & profits than before. Our process is based upon the Plan-Do-Dheck-Act list, designed by a popular US based statiscian W. Edwards Demming.

Here are the benefits of this model:

  • It ensures continuous improvement in IT service management for your organization.
  • By hiring a professional team you can learn to plan, execute, check and take actions upon the right IT strategies to that your business reaps the maximum benefits in the shortest amount of time possible.
  • We leverage your business performance. What might work best for another organization might not work the same for you. We devise custom IT plans to suit differentiating needs of our clients.

Our highly skilled management consultants will study your business from various perspectives to streamline your IT and other departments for higher efficiency and profitability. We'll work with you to ensure that your organization fully benefits from all that ITIL has to offer. You see - we understand that in order for your business to maintain it's competitive advantage, it's critical that your business get tasks done with the highest possible level of efficiency, accuracy and effectiveness. When it comes to ITIL - we get it.