YouTube Marketing Campaigns

Youtube is the world's most viewed internet video site with millions of videos and thousands of uploads per day. Harness the power of youtube by getting targeted leads from your video.

One of the best ways to become a successful business online is by going viral on Youtube. Videos are favored by customers and an average internet surfer compared to pure text. A picture is worth a thousand words, however videos are worth a thousand pictures.

So you have made a fantastic video about your brand, products or services. What next? Let it be like there? Honestly, there wouldn't be any views. It is more like a drop in the ocean. Let that drop be a colorful one that deserves the attention and uniqueness to stand out among others.

We help your videos to be that unique drop in the ocean that adds value. In today's world, getting viral is more important than being on the TV and newspaper ads. Get high quality targeted views, shares, likes and other youtube marketing strategies to improve your video views.

What do stats say?
Nearly 75% of consumers visit Youtube to search for product reviews, information and video demonstration for the information that they like. Leverage your market presence by optimizing the usage of Youtube, which is highly beneficial for your business. Are your videos being found online? Do they have a high view rate?

Youtube marketing services backed with the industry proven experience of Your Super Team provides cost efficient method of reaching out to your potential customers. Why go viral?

Here are some proofs:

  • 75% of customers visit youtube for product reviews
  • 35 hours of video uploaded per minute
  • More than 70% of the traffic comes from outside America
  • 94 of top 100 AdAge campaigns ran successfully on Youtube
  • More than 50% videos either rated or commented by users
  • Youtube exceeds over 2 billion views per day.
  • All popular brands promote using Youtube
  • Optimized videos help your target market to reach you
  • Target your market via demographics and selected keywords

How can we help you to be found?
As SEO services evolved, Youtube marketing becomes an integral and vital element of the packages offered by internet marketing companies. As such, First Digital is never behind in adapting to the ever-changing demands and needs of online marketing.

We optimize everything from your title tags, to head tags, and video description to be in line with your business. We provide FREE consultancy before working on your project. There are no hidden charges and our consultancy is backed with industry proven expertise. We have the industry proven expertise of delivering successful youtube marketing campaigns.

This is how our strategy works:

  • You discuss your project briefs with us
  • We study the competition, videos and any other helpful information to find out the scope of the project.
  • We devise a video campaign for your youtube videos based upon demographics and target market.
  • We send you weekly reports of view counts
  • We optimize title tags and video descriptions
  • We regularly monitor the video campaigns
  • We take advantage of optimizing your videos with the latest events

Our process is clear, simple and transparent. We do not apply any unethical SEO services to improve your youtube video count, engagement, likes, etc. We do not use any software that increases video counts on autopilot. There is actually no such strategy existing at first place.

By being ethical and responsible for our clients, we are different from our competitors. Not only are we responsible, we also have 14+ years of experience and have come across many different scenarios and have handled many different kind of business needs.