LinkedIn Marketing Campaigns

Every subcontractor, contractor, entrepreneur, employer and a Fortune 500 Company has a burning question to answer: “How to get targeted prospects and leads for continuous survival and growth?” The answer is LinkedIn, known as the professional's network. We call it the “professional business development network.”

LinkedIn, with its overall user database climbing over 161 million users, is one of the highly regarded, cost-efficient, and effective methods of promoting your business online. LinkedIn marketing helps you to get in front of your targeted prospects to fuel your business growth.

As experts in this industry, we offer affordable and scalable customized linkedin marketing solutions based upon a result-oriented approach. If your business is promoting a product or service not targeted towards businesses, then linkedin might not be beneficial for you. However if you are looking for B2B prospects, then there is no social network better than linkedin.

We have helped hundreds of brands to successfully harness the power of professional networking. It is time we do the same for your business.

Why go for linkedin?
What started as just another social media networking website, grew to become one of the world's giant social networking site for professionals. There are good reasons for why you need to get on the linkedin bandwagon:

  • Professionals network
  • 50% of linkedin users log in daily to monitor the progress of their groups
  • 2 million brands on LinkedIn
  • B2B prospects
  • Employees and Executives from every Fortune 500 company listed
  • Targeted hiring of professionals
  • Targeted marketing towards B2B prospects
  • More than 1 million members added per week
  • Hiring solutions soared in business revenue for Linkedin, where businesses hire professionals through ads
How do we help you in marketing your brand on Linkedin?

We do everything from starting a business page to building trust and brand reputation. We help you in standing up against the competition and in making a name for yourself at LinkedIn. All efforts are started and continue until you see results coming in. Whether you're a professional wanting to develop a compelling profile, or a new business looking to jump in the ocean of competitors, let us help you swim freely.

Here is how we can help you:

  • We build a network for your brand by creating business/profile page
  • We optimize your profile with the right keywords and compelling content to sell yourself
  • We join industry relevant groups
  • We install and get the best of 3rd party solutions
  • We regularly engage in conversations and group discussions relevant to your industry
  • We spend an approved budget to market and promote your profile

If your business is providing carpet cleaning services in Texas, then your profile should be optimized to the target market near Texas and adjoining areas. Advertise your business with linkedin ads to the relevant target market which could be big corporations and companies having their spacious offices covered in carpets. These corporations could very well require carpet cleaning services. This is where we create a bridge of relationships in between you and your B2B prospects.

Please be very clear that linkedin is in no way similar to facebook. LinkedIn is a network for professionals only, due to which it is intended to be used by businesses and working professionals. Use it for only developing new business relationships and prospects. The larger the network, the better the chances of being found using 1st, 2nd and 3rd connections.

Why not leverage your business performance using LinkedIn? Build your professional presence now and be found on the world's top rated network. Do not hesitate in communicating with us your needs so that we can advise you the best possible strategies.